Bringing you into alignment with your souls' purpose

Soul Alignment is here to take you deep within yourself to uncover the woman who has been in hiding. Teaching you how to reclaim your personal power, manifest the life of your dreams, speak your truths with confidence, and walk the world in a new powerful way!

About Soul Alignment

Soul Alignment was created with the intention of bringing you into alignment with your soul's purpose. Founded by Kendra McLerran, who is a Women's Self Love and Empowerment Coach, published author, and creator of our Women's Self Love Workshop.

Kendra works one-on-one with women, giving them powerful knowledge and tools to help them find clarity in their souls' purpose. Working with Kendra, you will learn about the Law of Attraction and how to utilize it to manifest the life of your dreams. You will learn how to reframe negative thought patterns, and use affirmations to change your life. You will learn how to shed old belief systems that no longer serve you in your life. You will develop a deep bond of self love, and walk away with a new confidence and personal power that you never had before!

Soul Alignment offers you single one-on-one coaching sessions with Kendra, as well as two different packages which will provide you with reoccurring sessions while saving money. On our site you will also find access to both of Kendra's books- Affirmations for Self Love, and Affirmations to Rewrite Your Life. Soul Alignment is also offering a new Women's Self Love Workshop, which is a transformational 4 week program to bring you deep within yourself, and develop a new and unbreakable form of self love.

You're being called to take action in your life.

It's time to start rewriting the story of your life. If you are here, it is because something has called you to this place. Your soul is crying out for change. The question is, are you ready to do the work that needs to be done?

Life Coaching Sessions

Soul Alignment offers you one-on-one life coaching sessions with our founder, Kendra McLerran. These sessions are transformational, and will change the course of your life- always for your higher good! If you feel a shift taking place in your life, or are uncertain which direction you need to continue your journey, then it's time for you to book one of our powerful coaching sessions today!

Books of Affirmation

Soul Alignment offers you two books in our shop- Affirmations for Self Love, and Affirmations to Rewrite Your Life. These books were written with the intention of providing you with the knowledge to see you through your self love journey, as well as teaching you how to manifest the life of your dreams. These books are meant for anyone who feels a higher calling in their life, and is ready to say yes to a life full of abundance, love, and success!

Women's Self Love Workshop

Soul Alignment offers you a 4 week long workshop, that will allow you to give birth to your higher self! This month long workshop consists of 4 of our coaching sessions with Kendra, as well as a free and signed copy of our book Affirmations for Self Love. This workshop is meant for any woman who is serious about going within to uncover the woman who has been begging to come to the surface. The woman who is full of confidence, a love of self, an excitement for life, and a personal power that cannot be denied! If you are seeking a way to come into alignment with the woman you have always envisioned yourself to be- then this workshop is for you!